43% of Cyber Attacks Targeted Small Businesses in 2015 


Specialized Security Insights

Corvus Security is dedicated to delivering Tacoma's businesses, non-profits, schools, and local government specialized security insights against unforeseen risk.


Launched to help foster rising cybersecurity experts, and offer affordable security consulting to local organizations. Corvus is building a missing link in the cybersecurity education pipeline while creating cyber-safety awareness for our city and local businesses.  


Our Services

Business Risk Awareness

Cyber attacks can cripple your organization's ability to operate, and improper training can mean you never fully recover. Don't let your employees' provide a soft target for hackers exploit, give them the knowledge to keep themselves and the business safe.

Initial Security Analysis 

Ever considered your business's cyber-defense? Let our team do a top to bottom look at your network and devices for a new perspective on the cyber risks your bottom line is exposed to.

Cyber-Defense Advising

New to cybersecurity as an organization, or maybe just not familiar with the latest techniques? Our team can leverage specialized insight to build your team a more robust picture of the threats lurking just beyond sight. 

Attack Emulation

Corvus Security offers full scope attack emulations, intended for organizations with a mature cyber defense team, looking to test the abilities or shortcomings of the current defensive systems and procedures.  


Testing your defenses and providing the feedback your cybersecurity team needs to perfect their strategy

Wireless Assessments 

Testing your physical locations for vulnerabilities across WiFi, Bluetooth, and 2.4 ghz 

Let Corvus help your team create innovative strategies for building an effective cybersecurity internship program.

Cyber Internship Program Development

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